Our online PPS solution lets us take care of your data, including regular backups and data security.


Automated booking confirmations and reminders via email or SMS ensure your clients never miss their treatment.

Multiple locations

Choosing PPS online means accessing your data anywhere. The perfect solution for working across multiple locations.

Online booking

Share your availability, practitioners and treatments with your clients via your website for an easy way to book and confirm their treatment.


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Who uses it?

PPS works for a wide range of practices from smaller organisations to larger clinics working with multiple disciplines. The beauty of having cloud-based software is that you have the flexibility to work on multiple devices across different locations with ease.


No internet? No Problem!

If you have an intermittent internet connection or your practice is Wi-Fi free we can still offer you the same features and benefits in an offline version of PPS which works in exactly the same way. The only difference is your data is stored on your PC rather than on our servers.

Switching Software

If you are currently using alternative software, we have the ability to migrate your existing data so that you can just pick up right where you left off without having to compromise when it comes to your patient records.

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Build your own complete package

SMS credits
Send patient booking confirmations and reminders via text with SMS credits, 6p per credit.

Online booking
Add online appointment booking to your service to open up your practice to your clients, 24/7.

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Call Handling
Give your virtual reception company access to your diary so that they can manage your bookings for you.

Let your clients check in for their appointment as soon as they arrive via the check-in kiosk, this automatically lets your practitioners know when their next client is ready!



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