Physio First

Join the Data for Impact programme

Physio First integrates with PPS for patient data collection.

PPS integrates with Data For Impact from PhysioFirst in collaboration with the University of Brighton. The DFI programme enables physios, through submitting anonymised treatment and outcome data on their patients, to obtain national reports on the efficacy of physiotherapy.

How does it work?

Once you have signed up to the Data for Impact programme, you will have access to a custom form via PPS that you can fill out as part of your treatments sessions.

The data collected via the forms is then exported from PPS and sent to the DFI team who will upload it to your account. The data is then collated and analysed by the university of Brighton to establish key performance indicators.

Quality assured

Establish Quality assured practitioner or clinic status by using DFI.

Data transparancy

Get key insights into industry KPIs via the national interim report.

Patient privacy

All data collected is anonymised for patient confidentiality.

Clinic performance

Get a summary of data you have collected when you submit more than 50 datasets.

You do not need to be a member of Physio First to use the Data for Impact toolkit with PPS, you can read more about your options here: Data for Impact

Find out more information about Physio First and the DFI scheme via their website:

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