Receive patient referrals

Pronto integrates with PPS for patient referrals and treatment authorisation.

PPS integrates with Pronto so that you can safely and securely receive patient referrals and treatment authorisations in real time from the industry’s biggest providers.

How does it work?

Pronto allows authorised third-party referrers to book clients directly into your PPS Appointments Diary.

Via PPS you have full control over which treatments, practitioners and appointment slots you make available to the referrers.

When you receive a referral through Pronto, it will appear as a new appointment in your appointments diary and you will be notified via email. You will also be able to see all Pronto referrals received by your clinic within the My Pronto portal.

Patient referrals

Connect with referrers Nuffield Health & Vita Health Group.

Reduced admin

Pronto manages all of the admin aspects of accepting referrals.

Instant Notifications

Instant email or text updates when a new appointment is booked.

Pronto portal

Manage your patients journey via the Pronto portal.

In order to use Pronto with PPS you will need to contact our sales team on via

Find out more information about Pronto via their website:

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