Switching Software

We know that the prospect of switching to a new software provider can seem like a mammoth task, but we’d like to reassure you that if you have found the right provider they will support you every step of the way!

Migrating from other providers

When it comes to handling data, we’re seasoned pros! We accept data in many different formats and have experience migrating from many other software providers, too.

All your data

Each data migration is tailored to your needs to ensure that your transition to PPS is a smooth as possible. Before we get the ball rolling, we’ll talk through your requirements and expectations and we’ll arrange an assessment of your current data.

Data assessments are a really important part of the migration process. When we get a sample of your data we can tell you which parts can be translated into PPS and we’ll do our best to leave nothing behind, including accounts and clinical notes! We also do ‘dry runs’ where we’ll give you a sample of the converted data to make sure you are happy with it before moving forward.

We work hard to create conversion routines where possible to keep the costs down for you. This means that if we have migrated data from a software provider before, we may have already created the tools we need to import your data into PPS, and so we spend less time on unpicking the technical stuff, our costs are lower and we can pass that saving onto you.

We price data migrations fairly, any charges that are applicable are simply to cover the costs of our time and resources. The real value in data conversions, from our perspective, is that you have access to all of your important data via PPS.

The Essentials

We want to make it easy for you to access your essential data via PPS, so we have two data import tools readily available in PPS which are both completely free for all PPS users!

Importing clients

You can migrate all of your client details to PPS at the touch of a button. We use a simple spreadsheet format where you can input your data and all of the clever stuff is done behind the scenes, before you know it you’ll have all of your clients registered in PPS and ready to go!

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Uploading documents

Once you have your client records, you might want some medical history to go alongside that, right? You can upload as many documents as you like for each patient, this includes PDF files, images and more! If you have paper notes, you can even scan them in, too.

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What are the benefits of converting your data to your new software provider?

Easy and accessible

You won’t need to worry about trawling through filing cabinets, gaps in medical history, missing treatment notes or mismatched billing records. All of your client data will be accessible at the touch of a button, in one central location.


With the introduction of new GDPR in 2018, how you manage your patient data has never been more important. Electronic data is easier to keep tabs on, especially when it’s all in one place. It’s much easier to fulfil GDPR requests if your data is all in one place.

Marketing database

You’ve spent years building a relationship with your clients through treatments and various communications including marketing. Migrating your data ensures that none of your clients get left behind, allowing you to maintain that rapport and utilise the marketing data you have worked hard to build.

Minimise set-up time

Familiarising yourself with new software is a task in itself. Having access to your data makes the transition process much smoother and leaves you with the time to focus setting up your shiny new software to suit your clinic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely, we are well versed with migrating data from other providers. We can also help with exporting your data from your current software package.

You can upload your client lists from Excel into PPS using our built-in upload tool. If you have any further data in Excel, such as accounts data and appointments, we can assess this data with the potential to import into your PPS database, too.

It depends on the format that the documents are stored in but 9 times out of 10 we’ll be able to migrate these across for you. We will just need to take a look at the format.

Yes, we can usually convert all of your data into PPS including:

Appointments, Accounts, Clinical Notes, Documents, Client Details.

Each data migration is priced on an individual basis. We take our time to carefully assess your data, requirements and discuss your expectations.

Once we have assessed your data we can give you a quote based on the time and resource required for the migration process, so you won’t be charged any standard fees or minimum costs.

We do our best to keep prices as low as possible and charge fairly based on the effort required to complete the data migration.

If you’re unsure, just drop our sales team a line and we can arrange for a member of our team to assess the data for you.