PPS – £40/32
first user p/m

£20/12 per additional user per month

PPS has all the functionality and features that you need to manage your practice, including secure and flexible access across multiple devices and locations.


Document upload

Cloud Backup

Windows, Mac, Tablet

Free Online Trial
Free Offline Trial

Express – £10
first user p/m

£10 per additional user per month

PPS Express is easy to use software with limitless access. The ideal solution for a busy and mobile practitioner providing all of the practice essentials.



Cloud Backup

Smartphone and Tablet compatible

FREE PPS Express Trial



Please note: All prices are subject to UK VAT where applicable.

How our pricing works

PPS works on the basis of concurrent users. So, if you have a clinic of 10 practitioners working different shifts and only 5 of your practitioners will be using PPS at any one time, you will only need 5 user licences. So you only pay for the services that you use!

All of our solutions include:

Unlimited Support


Regular software updates


Monthly rolling contract


Automated confirmations and reminders


How do I know which solution is for me?

The best thing about PPS is you don’t have to choose just one of our solutions! Many of our clients use a combination of our software to suit their individual practice needs!

We can help you to build the right package for you, chat with one of our experts about your requirements to find out more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive any training?

Of course! Take advantage of our free 30-minute Getting Started session when you purchase PPS to get up and running in no time. We also offer regular webinars and onsite training; further information can be found on our Training page.

Can you convert my existing data?

Yes. We regularly convert data from different formats including other practice management systems. A quote can be obtained upon an assessment of the data. We also offer a free client import option from XLS spreadsheets. If you are interested in converting your current database to PPS, please contact our Sales team on

Can I upgrade or switch my PPS package?

Absolutely! We want to make sure that you’re using the right solution so we’re always happy to help you to upgrade or switch packages! Our friendly sales team are always on hand to advise on which of our solutions would suit your needs.

Is there a minimum term?

We don’t believe in minimum term contracts, so all of our packages are based on a 30-day rolling contract! We know that once you start using PPS, you’ll want to stick with us, so we don’t see the need to trap our clients with lengthy contracts!

What happens if I want to stop using PPS?

No matter what PPS package you choose, your data always belongs to you, even if we are storing it on our servers! So if you decide to move away from PPS for any reason, we can work with you to give you the data you need in a way that you can still utilise it.