Where it all started

We first began our journey in 1995 with the development of the Chiropody Practice Management System (CPMS). We already had a strong foundation of technical knowledge and a passion to create, so after CPMS was released and immediately began to flourish in the market we quickly started working on expanding our horizons by looking at the gap in the wider market.

In 1996 we began the development of our flagship product; Private Practice Software or PPS as it is now more well known! We saw the need for more comprehensive and flexible software in the private healthcare market and took it upon ourselves to provide the solution. PPS was first released in 1997 to a wide range of disciplines including physiotherapists, podiatrists, osteopaths and more!

Here at PPS development never really stops. So, although it took us just a year to bring PPS from a concept to a fully functioning service, we recognise the constant need to evolve with our practitioners. We believe that our strong connection with our client base and the opportunities that we have had to work closely with some of our practitioners over the years are major influences in the success that PPS has enjoyed over the last two decades.

The people behind PPS

Rushcliff Ltd was founded in 1997 by Andy and John, our company owners and directors.

Since PPS was released Rushcliff has welcomed a number of employees over the years, many of whom still work for the company now and as our software capabilities continue to expand, so does our workforce.

We work in an open office environment as we believe that communication is key to a happy and cohesive team! Although we do see ourselves as one big team, we do have dedicated departments including technical development, technical support, account management, sales, admin, marketing and product development.

We are always on the lookout for new talent and we make sure that our recruitment process allows us to not only identify key skills but also great personalities and a shared enthusiasm to work within our industry, in turn, ensuring that we always deliver the best service to our clients.

Giving back

Over the years we have worked with thousands of practitioners and it never ceases to amaze us just how awesome they really are.

Not only do they run busy and successful practices (some of them single-handedly!) but so many of them also find time to get involved in some amazing events supporting some wonderful causes!

We’re not the kind of organisation that just watches from the sideline, so we are always happy to help in any way that we can! This means that PPS has been privileged to support our practitioners in various events over the years including The Paralympic Games, The Invictus Games, The Commonwealth Games and more!

Here are just some of the organisations that we are proud to be associated with.