Private Hospitals

PPS Excels as a private hospital management system, designed to optimise and streamline your operations.

private hospital building with a five star review of PPS

Private Practice Software is a fully customisable software solution that perfectly meets the needs of private hospitals, offering a range of features to streamline operations and enhance patient care.

PPS simplifies appointment scheduling, providing intuitive tools to efficiently manage patient bookings and resource allocation. Customisable options allow for tailored scheduling workflows, ensuring optimal patient flow and resource utilisation, including bed allocation, medicine dispensing, stock management and staff availability.

Our platform facilitates seamless patient management, from registration to ongoing care. Online client forms make it easy to register new clients, collect medical history data and capture consent. All patient data is accessible from one central database, creating a comprehensive treatment record that can be made available across departments.

Additionally, PPS streamlines billing and payment processing, supporting invoicing, claims management, and payment tracking. Our partnership with Dojo ensures secure online payments, enhancing convenience while prioritizing data security and compliance. With comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, PPS empowers hospitals to gain insights into operations and performance, supporting informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Why private hospitals prefer PPS

  • Multi-discipline management
  • Third-party and referrals management
  • Insurance billing
  • Room, department and location management
  • Process implementation tools

And so much more!

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Want to know more?

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