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Mailchimp integrates with PPS for marketing and mailshots.

PPS integrates with Mailchimp to expand your marketing and communications capabilities. Get creative, build professional-looking templates, keep your clients updated, and manage
your mailing lists.

How does it work?

Using the PPS reports wizard, you can identify groups of clients to create mailing lists that can be directly imported into Mailchimp where you can create HTML email templates packed full of info to keep your clients engaged.

Using the Mailchimp integration makes it super easy to make the most of your client data. PPS Reports can help you to segment clients, identify patterns in behaviour, highlight characterisitcs of your traget audience and more!

User friendly

Build stylish and functional emails using an easy to use template builder. No experience necessary!

Optimise with analytics

Analyse performance with reports, campaign insights and industry benchmarks.

Get new customers

Embed Mailchimp’s sign up form on your website to attract new customers to your mailing list.

Time management

Keeping in touch has never been easier, with the ability to schedule your emails in advance.

Mailchimp offers a range of pricing plans including a free subscription that includes up to 1000 emails per month!

All plans include a free 30-day trial.

Find out more information about Mailchimp via their website:

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