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CityDoc is a UK based group of private medical practices, with over 150 locations and more than 150,000 registered clients across their ever-expanding network of clinics. CityDoc offers a range of services including travel medicine, sexual healthcare, private general practice, vaccinations and more.

PPS has been used in CityDoc clinics since 2014, the perfect example of how our software can expand and adapt to support a rapidly growing business.

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Case Study from Ceasar Lazar, Operations Manager at CityDoc Medical Ltd, UK.


Who are CityDoc?

CityDoc is a UK based group of private medical practices with over 150 clinics nationwide. Established in 2006, CityDoc is led by a group of experienced GPs who continue to expand its range of services and attribute their continuing success to their high quality of care. 

CityDoc specialises in sexual healthcare, travel medicine, vaccinations and private blood services. Since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in the UK, CityDoc has quickly stepped up to provide testing services including antibody tests.

CityDoc in partnership with PPS

CityDoc has been using PPS since 2014 following a referral. From there, our working relationship has gone from strength to strength as we work together to continue to provide a flexible and robust service that enables CityDoc to remain ahead of the curve with their services and provide the highest standard of care.

Using a combination of our PPS Online and PPS Express solutions, CityDoc clinicians have unlimited access to clinical data across all locations, on any device. PPS’ access control settings are utilised at each site to ensure that clinicians only have access to the vital clinical data that they need, enabling CityDoc to maintain strict data protection standards. At an operations level, the ability to manage all 150+ locations in one place makes it simple when it comes to providing access to PPS for new staff members, stock batch control and clinical auditing.

PPS is used within CityDoc to manage their busy appointment schedule which also relies on our Online Appointment Booking system, through which CityDoc takes a high number of bookings on a regular basis, proving to be a popular and convenient method of booking for CityDoc clients nationwide.

“Using a combination of our PPS Online and PPS Express solutions, CityDoc clinicians have unlimited access to clinical data across all locations, on any device.”

CityDoc has seamlessly integrated our Online Appointment Booking facility into their website to create a simple and accessible method of appointment booking for their clients Through our online booking solution clients can choose from a number of locations and treatments to suit their needs, reserving and paying with either the full fee or a small deposit depending on the nature of the appointment. This service helps towards fulfilling CityDoc’s vision of convenient and accessible healthcare for all of their clients.

Once the clients are booked in for their treatment, CityDoc utilises PPS’ consultation features to ensure that vital data is captured for each session. We have worked closely with their operations team to create a series of custom forms which combine the dispensing of stock with clinical data capture, making it a quick process for clinicians without compromising on the level of important information. These custom forms are then used as part of each treatment to ensure that the correct procedures are followed and the correct triage assessment of each client is carried out prior to treatment.

Using the built-in stock management feature allows individual locations to manage and monitor their own stock batches on site. Stock can be dispensed within the clinical form by practitioners and additional staff members where appropriate, keeping an audit trail of the date, batch number and item codes for each patient. Stock management can also be reported on at a higher level, making it a simple task to perform patient recalls as necessary, whilst also giving a powerful insight into the medical demands. 

In order to maintain a high level of service and keep things at all 150+ locations ticking over nicely, CityDoc uses PPS Reports to monitor key performance indicators and general business activity.  Our comprehensive reports wizard provides users with the ability to adapt and manipulate standard reporting templates to find the data that is needed, this enables CityDoc to pinpoint important statistics with ease, which is key in managing so many clinics at once.

“CityDoc also utilises the PPS database audit facility to regularly monitor performance and procedures to ensure that all of their clinics are offering the best possible service.”

On a similar note, CityDoc also utilises the PPS database audit facility to regularly monitor performance and procedures to ensure that all of their clinics are offering the best possible service. The audit gives system administrators the ability to trace all user activity in PPS, the knowledge this provides allows CityDoc to ensure all of their employees are properly trained to use PPS for maximum success and also allows them to address any areas of concern and provide more training and support if needed, which is vital when managing a large number of employees.

By using a combination of PPS Online and PPS Express across their clinics, CityDoc is able to provide their healthcare providers with the exact tools that they require to do their jobs efficiently and effectively across all roles. The combination of a full practice management system (PPS online) supported by our lighter solution (PPS Express) ensures that each clinic can provide the high quality of treatment that CityDoc prides themselves on, whilst also adhering to important policies and procedures. 

Why PPS?

When asked what he believes makes PPS stand out above other practice management software providers, Caesar states that PPS is ‘versatile, adaptable, user-friendly and constantly updated to meet everyone’s needs’ also remarking that our friendly support team ‘always respond within 24 hours and have perfect solutions to the issues described’.

CityDoc is the perfect example of how PPS can adapt to large scale operations with very specific needs. We believe that this is down to the fact that although PPS is an off the shelf practice management system, it comes fully loaded with hundreds of customisable features which replicate the flexibility of a bespoke solution. That is not to say that we have not worked with CityDoc to undertake custom development over the past few years, and we continue to do so in order to nurture their business growth.  We recognise that each individual practice may have specific requirements which are beyond what we can provide as standard and our doors are always open to discuss custom development requirements where needed.

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