Working from home

Working from home
March 25, 2020 Tabitha Holland


As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, more and more of you are contacting us to ask how you can continue to work from home.

We have been inspired by the determination and resilience of our practitioners and so we wanted to share some ideas for working from home and keeping business running as close to normal as possible during this time.


Online Appointments

Some of our practitioners have started offering online sessions where possible in a bid to continue to provide care for their clients.

Here are a few tips on how you might be able to treat your clients remotely.


Booking appointments:

If you’re not in the clinic to take bookings via reception or telephone, online booking will allow your clients to continue to schedule their appointments with you and you can activate SagePay and/or PayPal so that they can pay online too.

To use Sage Pay you will pay 1.5% per transaction and we can sign you up immediately, you must have a merchant bank account in place to use this service.

To use PayPal, you can sign up directly via PayPal’s website or use an existing account. PayPal’s own fees will apply.

Contact our team to find out more about activating payments via online booking.

If you already use online booking you might want to consider adding some new appointment types to make it clear to your clients their sessions will be online, check out our guides below on how to update your settings.


If you are using online booking version 2:

Follow this guide for checking and adjusting your settings in PPS.

Follow this guide on adjusting your online booking admin module settings


If you are using online booking version 3:

Follow this guide for checking and adjusting your settings in PPS.

Follow this guide on adjusting your online booking admin module settings.


If you don’t have online booking, email our team on to find out how to use this service.


Remote appointments

Some of your appointments may be easy to keep by telephone, such as follow up appointments or progress checks for patients that you usually see regularly. If you need something a bit more involved, you might consider using online tools to connect with your clients via video, especially great for group exercise classes.

It’s really easy to transition to remote treatment as video consultations are now available in PPS! We fast-tracked an integration with Whereby to bring telehealth to both PPS and PPS Express.

Using video consultations in PPS gives you a simple and secure way of connecting with your clients online. The integration means you can start a video call from the consultation screen with the touch of a button! PPS will send an email or SMS invitation asking your client to join you and we’ve made sure it’s really simple for your clients too with one-click access, no signing in or registering needed!

For the time being, video consultations are free to use. Our main priority is supporting our clients during this time. When the time is right we will need to review the cost associated with this functionality and as we do with all of our services, we will price it as fairly as possible.

Follow these guides for using video consultations in PPS and PPS Express.

Make sure that you are keeping track of all of your telephone or online appointments by adding new appointment types to PPS. This is a good way of knowing which patients are happy to continue treatment outside of the clinic so that you can continue to schedule follow up appointments.

Follow this guide on updating your appointment types.



Moving your treatments online does not mean you have to compromise on the level of care that you provide. PPS integrates with Physiotools, Physiotec and Rehab My Patient, all of which allow you to prescribe exercise programmes for your clients to do at home.

Check out our guides on activating Physiotools, Physiotec or Rehab My Patient in PPS.

If you are treating over the phone or online, you could consider using text sets or custom forms to make it easier for you to record treatment notes whilst maintaining focus, both of these tools allow quick and controlled data entry.

You can also use email and letter templates to send out information to your clients. This is a great way to follow up an appointment with observations or recommendations from your session. You can also create templates which pull through information from your treatment notes if you use custom forms.

Follow this guide on setting up your templates.


Practitioner booking confirmations

If you are using online booking, you can set up practitioner appointment booking confirmations so that your practitioners never miss an appointment. You’ll get a notification via email or SMS when a new appointment is booked allowing you to keep on top of your work schedule.

Follow this guide on setting up your practitioner booking confirmations.



If you have a website and you usually sell stock in clinic, it may be possible for you to move your products online. 

PPS’ stock management features will help you to keep track of what is available so that you can keep your website up to date as orders are placed, this will also allow you to keep track of revenue generated if you record your purchase costs and sale prices. 

Follow this guide on managing your stock items with PPS.


Appointment cancellations and follow-up reminders

Right now you could be dealing with a few cancelled or postponed appointments if you are unable to offer your services remotely. Don’t lose touch with those clients by adding a new DNA reason and setting up a follow-up template to send out to your clients in a few weeks when you might be in a better position to schedule in their next appointment.

Follow this guide on adding a new DNA reason and setting up your follow-up reminders.


Keeping in touch with your clients

Right now, it has never been more important to nurture your clients. Make sure you are keeping in touch by following some of the recommendations in our blog on communicating with your clients.


Keeping in touch with PPS

All of our staff are now working from home, we’re all set up remotely so that we can continue to support you as much as possible! 

The development of PPS will also continue as normal and we’re now prioritising some new integrations that will help to support your business in the new working environment that most of us find ourselves in.

If you want to know if you can access PPS from home, how you can change your set-up to support working remotely or any other questions at all, you can connect with us via live chat or email or