Time saving tips for a digital clinic.

Time saving tips for a digital clinic.
January 14, 2020 Tabitha Holland


We’re living in an age where you’ll find a digital tool or shortcut for most everyday tasks, even those that you didn’t think you needed help with!

You’re probably thinking, as a modern clinic with up to date practice management software that you’re already making the most of your digital tools to take a load off; well here’s a few tips that we’ve found a lot of clinics have overlooked that will save you time in day-to-day practice.


Automated booking confirmations and reminders –

This feature is one that most of our clients are familiar with and have come to rely on as a great tool for reducing DNA’s and making sure your patients turn up on time!

How to save even more time using this feature –

Give your clients all the info they will need to fulfil their booking in your confirmations or reminders.

PPS allows you to set different email and SMS templates for each appointment type. Creating a custom template for each treatment or appointment type allows you to provide everything your client will need to know before attending your clinic. If a client is attending an initial assessment you might want to include details on how to find you or details on parking etc, for follow up treatments you might want to include some info on what to bring or what to expect during the session. Ultimately, the more information that you provide, the less likely it is that your clients will need to call you before their appointment to confirm any of the details, leaving your phone line free for new customers!


Client contact preferences –

In PPS you can set up your default contact preferences which will determine how your clients receive their booking confirmations, reminders and marketing communications.

How to save even more time using this feature –

When you register a new client, make sure that you ask how they prefer to be contacted for anything that you intend to send to them as a patient of yours.

Setting individual client contact preferences means no more missed communications, PPS will simply check the client’s preferences against your default settings and process the communications accordingly. Ensuring you record your client’s preferences means they should always get the info that you are sending to them which will reduce DNA’s, cut calls to your receptionist and reduce admin time dealing with any activities that PPS was unable to automatically process due to missing contact information.


Consultation tools –

When typing up your treatment notes, at the top of the window you’ll find some handy tools including a symbols palette, pre-set headings and a text palette.

How to save even more time using this feature –

Instead of compromising on the level of detail in your notes to ensure you’re giving enough attention to your clients, utilise the consultation tools to drop vital information into your notes at the touch of a button.

No two clients are the same, but some of the procedures, processes and recommendations that you make may be very similar. The symbols palette allows you to save images that you may use to indicate a certain diagnosis or recommendation (widely used by physiotherapists), the text palette allows you to store words, sentences or even paragraphs and the preset headings can be customised and used to divide your notes into sections including ‘problem’, ‘examination’ or ‘treatment’, for example, making it easy to find information when looking at your notes retrospectively. All of these tools can add vital information to your treatment notes at the touch of a button allow you to stay focused on your client.


 Reports –

The PPS reports wizard lets you customise the criteria, breakdown and output options so that you can easily and quickly find key client data.

How to save even more time using this feature –

PPS is a full practice management system, with all of the data that you are inputting on a daily basis there’s lots of powerful information in there that can help you to manage your clinic. If you’re using and customising the reports available to you, each time you set up a new report that you intend to run on a regular basis you can save the report as a ‘favourite’.  This means that whenever you want to find the same results in future, you can simply run the report without having to select the criteria, breakdown and output options again. You can create a whole suite of favourite reports to suit your clinic needs that can be run at the touch of a button.



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