The best bits of PPS version 4.0.95

The best bits of PPS version 4.0.95
November 14, 2018 Tabitha Holland


The latest PPS update is so jam-packed with exciting new features and improvements that we couldn’t cram it all into one email!

Here’s a rundown of what we think are the most exciting aspects of PPS version 95!


What’s new?


Introducing an all-new integration with REHAB MY PATIENT!

Our development team have been working with Rehab My Patient to bring you a seamless integration.

Rehab My Patient is the ultimate tool for exercise prescription, designed by leading physiotherapists based on their expert, insider knowledge of industry requirements!

Now Rehab My Patient integrates with PPS, exercise prescription just became even easier!

You’ll benefit from seamless access to your client history in Rehab My Patient directly from the consultation window in PPS where you can also send out exercise plans, set up patient log in and bring through existing patient details to create a new record and track client progress.

Managing your clients’ treatment from there on out is a breeze with an impressive collection of features and tools at your disposal!

What can you expect from Rehab My Patient?

  • A library of more than 2,000 exercise to choose from
  • Customisable exercise sheets that can feature your company logo
  • The option to print or email your exercise plans
  • Upload your own images to use with the existing, extensive library
  • Search by category, diagnosis or muscle to easily find the right exercise
  • A full suite of HD videos demonstrating exercises for your clients

If you’re new to Rehab My Patient we’ve got a fantastic offer for PPS users. When you sign up, just enter the code PPS10 to get 10% off your monthly Rehab My Patient subscription.

Find out more about Rehab My Patient on their website:

Ready to get started?

Follow our short guide to link your Rehab My Patient account with PPS and start prescribing exercises today!

Setting up Rehab My Patient in PPS


Signature Capture

This one’s been a real hot topic! Following the enforcement of GDPR back in May of this year, we’ve had lots of questions about capturing patient consent for treatments, data storage, data processing and various other purposes!

Although we have had the option to capture signatures available for a while now, we have been working on making the functionality more universally accessible.

The latest update to PPS now gives you the ability to capture your patient’s signature using any touchscreen device, a graphics tablet or any other device that uses a mouse input, like a pen or signature pad that can connect to your PC or Mac!

This new feature is really easy to use and is perfect for capturing patient consent. To start using signature capture, simply set up a custom form and make sure that you include the question type ‘Client Signature’. When you then come to use this form, you’ll be able to ask your client to sign!

Any forms that contain a signature will be automatically signed off once you save the form and we’ve also put other technical measures in place to prevent editing or tampering and like all other actions in PPS, it’s all recorded in the database audit.

If you’re not familiar with custom forms already, check out our guide on how to set up your own forms.

This guide will also talk you through the different question types.


Spell check

We know that is one has been highly anticipated so we’re really excited to announce that PPS now has spell check! Hoorah!

Long gone are the days of scrutinising your notes, custom forms, emails and more! Spell check now exists in all of the larger text input screens in PPS!

Spell check will highlight any words that it deems to be incorrect by underlining the errors with a red squiggly line that we’re all probably a little too familiar with. You’ll then be able to right-click the highlighted word and choose the correct spelling from a list of suggestions, easy peasy!

The dictionary that comes with the spell check facility holds more than 100,000 English words, however, there may be some that you use in practice that are not found in there.

We know that there’s nothing more annoying than a page filled with squiggly red lines. So, if a word that you use in day to day practice is highlighted, we’d like you to compile a list of these words and send them to us. We’ll be adding the most common words to the dictionary for you and all other PPS users to benefit from.

Sending your list of words is nice and easy, simply use the form below to submit your suggestions and we’ll do the rest!

Submit your suggestions


Phew! Now that we’ve blurted all of that out, you might also want to check out some of the other new features, improvements and bug fixes…

What else is new

‘There’s more??’ we hear you cry! Yep that’s right, we told you this was a jam-packed release and we couldn’t have done it without your help!

As always we take a lot of our direction from the feedback that we get from you! Our lovely PPS users!

We read every bit of feedback that we receive and we’re very grateful that you take the time to submit your ideas. Although we can’t always implement all of your suggestions or sometimes it might take us a while to get round to doing them (we have a long list of great ideas that are already in development), rest assured that we are always working on improving PPS, so please keep sending your feedback and ideas.

If you’re unsure how to get your feedback to us, here’s a handy guide on just how easy it is!


Submitting feedback in PPS

Submitting feedback in PPS Express


Ready to get started?

Don’t forget to check out our guide on how to update PPS to make sure that everything runs smoothly!

Thanks again! We hope you enjoy this PPS update.



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