• I have been using PPS for many years now and continue to be very impressed with the software functionality and the service and support from the PPS team.”

    We run PPS over 6 different locations and the ability to have each system constantly synchronising with the others has been one of the most significant factors in helping us move forward as a business. The diary, reporting, marketing and accounts functions are all easy to use and offer great efficiency savings. The days of typing up loads of individual invoices is long gone! The ease of email marketing has also been a great time saver and a definite business winner. Moving forward with PPS we are now looking at the computerised notes function too.

    PPS is constantly updating its software and are quick to respond to any of your individual software development ideas too. The support team are always very easy to get hold of and are very knowledgeable. I would recommend new recruits to an IT based practice system to consider this an essential requirement in your decision making process.

    Overall as a practice management system I would say that there is really very little that PPS cannot offer and, considering value for money and the service and support level, I’m confident anyone would find it a sure winner.

    James Hatt - James Hatt and Associateswiltshirephysio.co.uk
  • We have been using PPS for several years and it has proved invaluable to the effective management of our clinical services.  As a charitable organisation with limited resources, it has proven to be a very practical and time-saving system for us.  The diary management is excellent.  We find the support from PPS to be particularly beneficial and nothing is too much trouble whenever we have a question. PPS has proved to be an invaluable resource for us to manage our clinical services and particularly as we grow and expand our clinical services.

    Karen Leigh, Sensational Kids CLGsensationalkids.ie
  • PPS allows me to efficiently manage all my billing, maintain my appointments, quickly access case notes and process all patient correspondence including automated reminders and follow-ups.
    Even better than that, as I run two practices, PPS allows me to do this from either location! Any support queries are sorted out quickly, efficiently and courteously either by phone or e-mail.

    Jonathan Lawrence - Turning Point Clinicsturningpointclinics.co.uk
  • We are growing quickly and have always found PPS to be in step with that growth. It raises the bar in terms of professionalism and customer service, makes administrative tasks easier and will ultimately pay dividends.

    Bevan Ellis - Clinic DirectorCrystal Palace Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre
  • We have used Private Practice Software for over 9 years and it has become a vital part of the running of our practices. PPS saves us so much time across the clinical and management aspects of our business and is proving to be a real asset.

    Diana Hoppen - Practice DirectorAnatomie Physiotherapy Plus
  • …Your support and telephone advice have been brilliant and without you I would be floating in a sea of uncertainty.
    Thank you Rushcliff, your software does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Anthony Padgett - Sloane Square Clinicsloane-square-clinic.co.uk
  • I realised it was time to enter the modern age by using practice management software.
    After hours of research I discovered Private Practice Software … …the obvious choice.

    Sammy MargoThe Physiotherapist Company Ltd
  • We have been using Private Practice Software for seven years. We initially chose to use PPS in our practices because it was easy to install and easy to train our staff.
    We also enjoy excellent support and back-up from the support team who are always quick to respond to any questions we have.

    Richard Burchell - PodiatristM. B. Burchell & Associates
  • I have immense admiration for the design of PPS.
    Having written a couple of smaller applications myself in Access, I know how difficult it is to get an application like this right.
    Just about every time I think of a way of running my business more efficiently, PPS is there to supply me with all the functionality I need.
    The program is remarkably stable and when I get stuck, the support is fast and helpful.

    Geoff Fairris - Wessex Skin Clinicwessexskin.com
  • Our biggest problem was diary management and storage of patient records
    PPS is the ideal solution, with complete flexibility in configuring user diaries including various appointment types and locations
    We even use PPS with a call handling company for out-of-hours coverage!

    Sara Boardman - insole PRO®insolepro.co.uk
  • The PPS software package has transformed our practice overnight. It has enabled us to co-ordinate our expansion programme with ease, and facilitates all our appointment scheduling & accounting needs expertly. Support is excellent and any system adjustments are dealt with speedily.

    Robert Oldham - Salveo Family Chiropracticsalveogroup.net
  • PPS is time-saving, good quality, easy to use and is excellent (the best) value for money!
    It is easily the best patient and practice management software package on the modern market.

    Jonathan Shearer - PodiatristFootsteps Podiatry Clinic