Returning to practice webinar Q&A

Returning to practice webinar Q&A
May 27, 2020 Tabitha Holland

At 10:30 am on Wednesday 27th May we hosted a live webinar on returning to practice as lockdown measures ease.

During the session there were lot’s of great questions asked, so we wanted to share some of the most popular questions asked and the responses from our hosts.

How do we set up Online Booking payment options?

Payments can be processed via Online Booking through Sage Pay or Paypal.

  • Sage Pay is billed directly via PPS and you will be charged 1.5% per transaction.
  • Paypal will apply their own fees and you will be billed via Paypal.

If you already have Online Booking set up you will need to log into the Admin Module to find the payment details.
You will need your own Paypal account to use this payment method. You will find your details in your Paypal account and you need to insert the username, password and API signature for the Paypal account into the Admin Module.

Sage Pay is activated through our umbrella account. To activate Sage Pay, or for more information please contact the Sales Team


Can we set up registration forms and record client’s signatures?

You can use the Custom Forms in the system to create your own registration form with the required questions. You can also add a signature question type to the form so that the client can sign electronically. Please read more about Custom forms and signatures in the guides below:


Can I update the appointment durations for the existing appointments in the diary?

Updating appointment type durations will not change the durations for any appointments already booked in the diary, these appointments will need to be updated individually if you want to change the durations. You will only need to open the appointment and select the appointment type from the list again and it will prompt you to update the duration.


Can you dismiss future activities?

You can only dismiss activities that are ‘due now’ in the activity list. If there are future activities that you want to dismiss, if they are no longer relevant, they will need to be completed manually through the client log or you can find them in the Activity List.


Can you complete your notes in PPS at the same time as being on a video call?

You are able to have 2 windows open at the same time on your computer. If you are using PPS you can make the PPS screen a bit smaller and have it take up half the screen and then open your browser window and have it placed on the other half of the screen.
If you are using Express you can open the link to the video consultation in a new window instead of a new tab and place the Express window and the Whereby window side by side.


Is the video consultation recorded in the client log?

No, you will only have an action recorded in the client log when they are sent a video link.


Can I send an email to all recurring patients to let them know that I have opened again?

Yes, you can send a mailshot through PPS to all clients or you can select a specific group of clients through the report to send the mailshot to.
Have a look at the guide on our Mailshots that will take you through the steps and you can have a look at this guide on selecting certain clients for your reports:


How can we add our own images to custom form charts?

You are able to use your own body charts or images in the custom form. You will add the images through the ‘body chart’ question type and it will allow you to select an image from your computer and attach it to the form.
Have a look at the guide on custom forms for the steps.


Can I add all my paper records to PPS?

You are able to attach documents to the client log or the consultation screen in PPS. You can have a look at this guide for steps on how to attach documents –
If you are a PPS hosted user you might need to check first that you have your local drives enabled –


Can forms be emailed to the patient to fill out and return?

No, this feature is not yet possible but it is something that we are working on adding!