PPS Hosted Information

Our server provider, ABC Cloud, has years of experience hosting PPS databases and is extremely knowledgeable in how best to host and protect your data. 

The servers are hosted by OVHCloud Data Centres, one of the largest hosting providers in Europe, holding the highest security standards in Europe.

Server Performance

Our servers are hosted with a Tier 4 Data Centre meaning that you will benefit from a fault-tolerant infrastructure with redundancy for every component to minimise any risk of downtime

All data is stored on high-performing RAID drives to eliminate the risk of any data loss or server downtime due to a hard disk failure.

Data Security

The Data Centres used are covered by ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, 27701 and are GDPR compliant ensuring the highest level of data security for complete peace of mind.

All data is kept virtually secure through a network that offers built-in protection against increasingly sophisticated global cyber threats, including advanced firewalls and the most powerful anti-DDoS solution in the industry.

The Data Centre is also kept physically secure with industry-leading fire protection, 24/7 physical site security and surveillance, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) System and N+1 cooling redundancy.

Data backups

Extensive server and file-level encrypted backups are performed daily with a 14 day retention policy. 

The backups are stored on 2 different remote servers for added protection. 

As well as hourly and daily backups the whole server is replicated every 30 seconds to a second data centre in the event of catastrophic failures and natural disasters. 

These advanced redundancy measures ensure service continuity even in the most extreme circumstances.

High Availability

The target for our network availability commitment is 99.9% (This does not include scheduled maintenance where you will be notified in advance and normally takes place outside normal office hours).

The server infrastructure is continuously supervised through our internal monitoring system to ensure we can identify and rapidly resolve any incidents.

PPS Support

Our dedicated, UK-based Support Team are available Monday to Friday between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm GMT

Start Live Chat

Email: support@rushcliff.com 

Telephone: 01283 245 400  


Out-of-hours assistance is available for PPS hosted access issues, you can access this service here:

OOH Assistance

Our status page shows system availability and scheduled maintenance 

PPS Status

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my data be hosted?

All servers are hosted in OVHcloud data centres. OVH have data centres across the globe however, we currently only use their London, UK and Gravelines, France data centres for optimal performance, redundancy and GDPR compliance. All systems are replicated between the 2 sites.

Can I enable 2FA?

Duo 2-factor authentication can provide extra security to your account PPS account. This means that when you connect to the server you will be prompted to approve the login through a separate app/device.

This is an optional feature and may incur additional fees, for more information please contact support@rushcliff.com

Can I access PPS from different locations or devices?

PPS Hosted can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.

PPS Hosted can be accessed on most up-to-date devices that support the Microsoft remote desktop app. PPS Express is accessed via any web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

Do I need to do my own backups of my data?

All online PPS services (PPS Hosted and PPS Express) are backed up by us, daily. This means that it is not necessary to do your own backups, however, you are free to take your own backups whenever you want.

Can I migrate my data over from another provider?

Yes, absolutely, we are well versed in migrating data from other providers. We can also help with exporting your data from your current software package.

Click here for more information on switching to PPS. https://privatepracticesoftware.co.uk/switching-software/

Can I limit and monitor what my users have access to in PPS?

Yes, definitely.

Each PPS user should have their own username and password, this creates a user profile from which the system administrator can customise and modify each user’s permissions in PPS, dictating what they have access to and to what extent. Our support guide on User access controls and permissions has more information on this.