Hosted Information

Super Reliable Environment

We have an on-site generator with 5 days’ supply of fuel which provides us with full capability to sustain long power outages. Our UPS system (operating in at least n+1) ensures a clean electrical supply; it also provides us with the ability to manage load until the generator starts up. Air conditioning is provided by underfloor cooling.

The capacity of the equipment is such that a failure of one unit can be handled by the other units. A full VESDA system that provides early detection of smoke is in place so that any potential fire is detected before it can develop. In the extremely unlikely event that a fire does develop, an FM200 fire suppression system is in place.

Access Speeds

Our PPS Hosted servers are UK-based and are located at the Manchester Technopark.

Our service is hosted on the highest standard of Dell servers and networking equipment with resilient fibre entering the building at multiple points onto the Manchester fibre network. This means that you will get fast access to our servers whether you are in the UK, Europe, Asia, America or Australia to name but a few.

High Availability (Our SLAs)

Our provider is BS 25999 compliant and our servers run on a 100% power availability SLA (Service Level Agreement) and a 99.95% network connectivity SLA – this includes external connectivity and not the usual companies that state 100% but note in the small print that this is for internal connectivity only.

In the event of a hardware failure, any item will be fixed or replaced within 1 hour, however, due to the nature of our infrastructure, if one of our servers does have an issue you should not be adversely affected and usage of PPS should not be interrupted.

UltraVault Backup

We understand how critical your clinic data is.

That’s why we employ DELL EMC Avamar, an advanced automated backup system, to ensure your data is always backed up securely with no disruption to your PPS system.

Your data is backed up to two separate UK-based data centres with fast, highly resilient servers and all of this runs over a private fibre network.

Out of Hours Support

We have a dedicated out of hours service which is manned 24/7 in case of emergencies.

We will be able to assist you if, for any reason, you find that you cannot access your PPS Hosted system. You can raise a ticket via our Support page.

24/7 Hardware and Software Services

Our hardware and servers services are pro-actively monitored 24/7 and any issues are dealt with there and then, day or night. Our servers have dual power supplies fed from multiple breakers and alongside our incredible backup service, all data on the actual servers are stored on mirrored hard disks (RAID1 or RAID10).

Our hardware infrastructure is also designed to be as resilient as possible, with specific services running on entirely separate servers that are also then replicated. This helps ensure that if we do have any server issues, it should not affect your concurrent access or use of PPS Hosted.


Our provider is ISO 27001 certified security on site 24/7/365 with off-site backup to deal with any major event.

CCTV cameras, motion detection and a key fob access system ensure multiple layers of security and peace of mind. Our servers have an Enterprise-Class firewall in place with a bespoke strategy continually developed closely with our provider. We can also provide you with N3 Compliance security should you need this for NHS data.

Two-Factor Authentication

We understand that security is key to an online system.

Our PPS Hosted system includes a two-step verification process as standard. We go one step further though, and offer the option of a third step by way of hardware verification. It’s quick and easy to use and it means that even if someone knows your passwords, they won’t be able to log in without your smartphone. This is an optional feature so please contact us if you would like to know more.

Strong Performance

Our servers run on a high hardware spec which means PPS runs as fast as it possibly can.

If you are an existing PPS user with a locally installed system and have moved to our cloud-based PPS Hosted system, you should notice a significant speed improvement within the software. Our servers are managed and monitored by a team of Windows Server and Networking experts to ensure optimal performance is available at all times.

Our Provider

We have not only chosen our data centre and server provider based on reputation and reliability but also on company ethics.

We find it important that the companies we collaborate closely with share a lot of Rushcliff’s own philosophy and beliefs. We’re happy to have chosen a member of the iomart Group as that provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access it from different locations?

PPS Hosted is so flexible that you can access it from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection!

Can I access it from different devices?

Of course. You can run PPS Hosted from a PC, Mac, tablet device or even your smartphone! More…

What is a Kingsoft licence?

You will need this to open letters or documents, it is just like Microsoft Office. Kingsoft is included in the monthly cost of PPS Hosted.

If I have a single user system, can others access it at the same time?

PPS works on a concurrent user basis, so if more than one person needs access to PPS at any one time you will need to purchase more PPS licences to accommodate all of your users.

Can I access PPS Hosted using a web browser?

PPS Hosted is accessed using a Remote Desktop Connection. PPS Express is our web browser alternative.

What happens if I can't access system out of hours?

Simply use the contact form found at our Out of Hours page and someone from our experienced Support Team will be in contact as soon as possible.

Do I need to back up my data?

No, you don’t as we take full backups daily. However, you are always free to take your own additional backups whenever you want.