Christmas Checklist, 2017 Edition

Christmas Checklist, 2017 Edition
December 18, 2017 privpracsoftads18


With Christmas day fast approaching you’ve probably had other things (pigs in blankets) on your mind besides the usual day to day practice stuff!

So, we’ve taken the time to put together a Christmas checklist to make sure you get through the festive period without a hitch!

We’ve even included an estimate of how much effort you’ll need to put in so that when you’re feeling a little delicate after your Christmas do, you can pick some of the easy ones!


Plan proper promotions

Complexity: Easy!

What is needed:

  • Decision maker
  • Desirable offers

Christmas is a time of giving which creates a fantastic opportunity for you to give back to your customers with festive promotions, which in turn gives your customers the chance to take advantage of your promotional offers for themselves AND their loved ones. Expanding your client base and boosting your reputation!

Make sure you have a handle on what promotions you’ll be running and when. Be sure to give your clients plenty of notice so that they can factor in a trip to your clinic or a purchase for their Christmas stocking!


Season’s greetings

Complexity: Medium

What is needed:

  • PPS
  • Pretty pictures
  • Snappy taglines

It’s that time of year when you have to start remembering the names and addresses of all of your distant relatives to make sure that you don’t miss them on your Christmas card list.

Well, don’t forget your long-lost clients too! With PPS you can run a report to identify all of those clients that haven’t been to see you for a while. Send them a nice festive email to remind them to book their next visit with you, give them an enticing offer or just send your best wishes!

Taking time to maintain good relationships with your existing client base is key!

Find out more here: Marketing and Mailshots in PPS


Sort your stock!

Complexity: Easy-Medium

What is needed:

  • PPS
  • A keen eye
  • Counting skills

No, we’re not talking about Christmas stockings! We mean your stock; foam rollers, creams, gels, injections! Whatever you use during treatments or sell in your practice. We’ve all fallen foul of delayed deliveries around Christmas time, so make sure that you’re fully stocked! PPS can help you check, adjust and monitor your stock levels, you can even record your suppliers so that reordering is a doddle!

Run a quick stock level report to check your stock today. If you’re not using PPS to monitor stock levels yet, then you better get counting!

If you’re not already using PPS to manage your stock, find out more here: Managing Stock


Opening hours

Complexity: Easy

What is needed:

  • PPS
  • Staff holidays
  • Christmas opening hours

At some point over the next few weeks, you’re sure to see a few people tootling around the supermarket with a trolley full of bread and milk. The last thing you want is for your customers to start panic booking or even worse, to lose new business because you’re closed when they turned up! Give your clients plenty of notice of your Christmas opening hours so they can plan their next visit in amongst their festive family affairs.

Create a mailshot using PPS to make sure that you contact everyone!


Out of hours cover

Complexity: Medium

What is needed:

  • Your website
  • PPS Online Booking

As the holiday period is often a time of unwinding, you ‘ll find that most people have a little extra time to do those things that they’ve been putting off for the rest of the year. So, if somebody decides it’s finally time to book an appointment with you, the last thing you want is to miss the call because your clinic is too busy or even worse, because you’re closed!

Make it nice and easy for your clients to make an appointment by adding PPS online booking to your website. Online booking allows you to control what is available online and lets your clients move seamlessly from browsing your website to booking their treatment, opening up your business to new and existing clients, 24/7!


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