Case Study – Swan Physio

A successful multi-disciplinary clinic based in the heart of Staffordshire, lead by head Physiotherapist and Clinical Director Carys Roberts.

Swan Physio continues to grow, with the introduction of Swan Health and Rehabilitation in 2017. PPS is used across both businesses to support all therapists practising at the clinics including sub-contractors and student placements.


A case study from Carys Roberts, Clinical Director and lead Physiotherapist at Swan Physio, Staffordshire, UK.


Who are Swan Physio?

Swan Physio is a successful multidisciplinary practice based in Keele, Staffordshire. First established in 2013, Swan Physio has continued to grow and in 2017 Swan Health and Rehabilitation was born, offering a range of complimentary services including Sports Therapy, Osteopathy, Pilates, Hypnotherapy and Podiatry treatments.

The practice currently has a team of 12 practitioners to support their client base, operating on different schedules and platforms to meet demand in the current climate. Swan Physio also offers student placements from which 2 of their current colleagues have originated.

Swan Physio in partnership with PPS

Swan Physio has been using PPS since 2014. The decision to adopt a practice management software at the practice was driven by continuous growth and the addition of more staff members as the clinic diary got increasingly busier. The decision to use PPS came from past experience with the software from Clinical Director and lead Physiotherapist Carys Roberts, who had worked at a clinic prior to establishing Swan Physio where they had integrated PPS with their services. The adoption of PPS was an easy choice due to Carys’ familiarity with PPS and the ease with which she found it could be implemented in her own practice. Carys was also keen to unlock the full potential of PPS having noticed lots of useful functionality which was going unused at the previous clinic.

“Carys was also keen to unlock the full potential of PPS”

The practice now uses a combination of PPS and PPS Express, giving them full access to their data online, from any location across all of their devices. This set-up has allowed the practice to give access to vital data to all employees whilst also remaining cost-effective in response to the varying working hours that each of their practitioners adopts.

Currently, all full-time staff have access to PPS (the full practice management solution) which allows them to practice from home and at the clinic, this has become essential as the team have begun to offer online consultations for many of their treatments. In clinic, the team have access to a PC onsite from which they can access PPS, which works perfectly for providing uninterrupted access for their casual staff. All subcontractors working with Swan Rehab have access to PPS Express which allows them to manage their own bookings and gives them easy access to the clinic diary, allowing the team to keep all of their data in one place.

“This set up has allowed the practice to give access to vital data to all employees whilst also remaining cost-effective in response to the varying working hours that each of their practitioners adopts”

PPS supports the clinic on a daily basis by giving them the tools that they need to manage their appointments diary, client bookings and payments, which is vital functionality in a practice with flexible working patterns and such a wide range of therapies on offer. 

The team at Swan Physio routinely utilise treatment episodes in PPS which enables them to easily cater to clients covered by private healthcare policies. Treatment episodes give the team the ability to record the details of the insurance company covering treatment, who should be billed, the number of sessions the client attends and can alert the team if the number of sessions or billing limit is reached. This removes a lot of the manual work from managing such cases, meaning the team can continue to treat all clients as efficiently as possible.

Swan Physio are also huge advocates of data analysis and regularly use the PPS Reports Wizard to keep track of important clinical data. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic which hit the UK in early 2020, Carys used the PPS reports wizard to identify the percentage of patients that fell under the government defined ‘vulnerable’ status, giving her the knowledge needed to make a decision on how the practice would approach the coming weeks and months. PPS reports also fit into the day to day running of the practice in the form of practitioner commission reports and client feedback. In 2020 Swan Physio teamed up with Insight6 in order to gain a deeper understanding of their client’s satisfaction which is facilitated by exporting a list of clients who have attended appointments each week and sending out a request for feedback via Insight6 which allows them to keep track of general satisfaction, individual practitioner performance and to gauge interest in other services.

“PPS Reports also fit into the day-to-day running of the practice in the form of practitioner commission reports and client feedback”

Swan Physio have found the results of their client feedback to be invaluable, allowing them to address any issues promptly and directly as well as giving them a good understanding of how their clinic is performing compared to similar services in their area. This insight contributes towards maintaining the high level of service standards that Swan Physio prides itself on.

In the summer of 2020, Swan Physio started using PPS online appointment booking to support their increasing need to offer online services including online consultations.

All of the physiotherapists offer video consultations which are typically always used for first appointments and so naturally it made sense to the team to have the ability for their clients to schedule these sessions via their website. 

The online booking service enables the team to more efficiently manage initial assessments, facilitating screening processes, preliminary paperwork and shorter sessions than would be required in clinic to reach the same desired outcome. With online booking open to both new and existing customers, this also allows new clients who may be browsing to engage with the practice, reduces the pressure on the reception team and secures payment at the point of booking.

“Online Appointment Booking has been vital in the roll-out of this service, minimising the input needed day-to-day and maximising availability”

Why PPS?

As a UK based company, Swan Physio values the fact that PPS is also UK based. Over the years, as a responsible business owner, Carys is open about the fact that she keeps an eye on the development of alternative software and has explored other options but has so far, always come back to PPS as the most suitable option for her practice.

With the help of our support team, any adaptations or issues are usually overcome, facilitating the continued growth of both Swan Physio and Swan Health and Rehabilitation. When asked about her experience with our support team over the years, Carys said that the team all think that ‘the support is great, very responsive and nice to work with’ which she cites as a very important factor in choosing a software provider.

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