Case Study – Pearse St Physio

 Pearse Street Physio is a busy clinic based in Dublin, Ireland. At the practice, their 9 strong team offer a range of treatments including Physiotherapy, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning, Schroth therapy and more.

The clinic continues to expand its client base at an increasing rate of 10-20% each year and has been confidently using PPS to support their practice growth since 2012 utilising all aspects of practice management that PPS provides including telehealth, data analysis and online appointment booking.


Pearse St Physio

A case study from Tadhg O’Mahony M.I.S.C.P at Pearse Street Physio, Dublin, Ireland.


Who are Pearse Street Physio?

Pearse Street Physiotherapy Clinic was established in 2006 when our lead physiotherapist Aidan Woods took a room in a GP practice to start seeing patients as an independent practitioner. 

Located in Dublin’s city centre and a stone’s throw from Trinity College and the expanding Docklands business district, Aidan saw the potential in the practice. As his caseload increased over the following years more physiotherapists joined Aidan in other rooms in the building, and we took over the lease and renovated the building as a standalone physiotherapy clinic in 2011.

“We have grown our client base rapidly, increasing at a rate of 10-20% each year”

Since then we have grown our client base rapidly, increasing at a rate of 10-20% each year, and have brought on more therapists and expanded our administration team steadily. Currently, we have a team of 6 Chartered Physiotherapists, 1 Pilates Instructor and 3 admin staff, including our practice manager and in house IT/marketing/business development strategist.

The majority of our work is 1-1 physiotherapy, using a combination of hands-on therapy and exercise/rehabilitation. We also run 25-30 Pilates classes each week and offer a range of more specialised services, making use of the varied backgrounds and training undertaken by our physiotherapists. These include individualised Clinical and Reformer Pilates, Strength and Conditioning training, Schroth therapy for scoliosis and varied physical modalities such as dry needling and manipulations.

Pearse Street Physio in partnership with PPS

When the decision was taken to expand the clinic we identified that paper notes and handwritten diaries were soon to become a relic of the past and converting to electronic records was the way to go. With that in mind in 2011, we began the research and testing of a variety of possible solutions and decided that running the clinic through one software programme was going to be an integral part of becoming the most well run, progressive and successful clinic in the country, which was and remains our ambition. 

Having trialled a number of options, both integrated and standalone systems, we settled on PPS and started using it on a limited basis at the start of 2012, and by the end of that year had transitioned to running all of the day-to-day functions of the clinic through the software.

We primarily use PPS Hosted for all of the daily management of the clinic, including Appointment Diary, Accounts, electronic communication with clients and Clinical note keeping

We have access to PPS Express as a backup system for emergency use or to use for minor items when offsite which provides us with easy access to our client data on the go, but for day to day clinical use, we find PPS Hosted has more of the features and functionality that we require to meet our needs.

We adopted the online booking system in 2018, hosted on our own clinic website with great success. It is great to have removed a barrier to access the clinic: giving people the facility to see what appointments are available and book it on the spot, rather than having to wait for an opportunity to call reception, has definitely resulted in us attracting more new clients. We were concerned about a higher likelihood of no shows or cancellations, but on review, there is not a significantly higher cancellation rate for online bookings.

“PPS supports our ever-evolving practice by offering a simple to use and easily personalised system.”

We have set up and customised templates for both automated and individualised electronic communications with patients and other IDT members, through letters, emails and SMS. It also facilitates the use of integrated exercise prescription software, through Physiotec, and allows analysis of all aspects of our work through the inbuilt Reports. This has enabled us to audit our own work and performance and has assisted us greatly in producing research that has been presented and won awards at multiple national and international conferences.

We use the integrated reports for a wide range of activities and to ensure the clinic is running as efficiently as possible. We run reports on a daily basis to monitor accounts and on a weekly basis for various reasons including ensuring that we are following up with all of our clients, for clinical audit, reflective practice and peer mentoring sessions as part of the CPD within the clinic. PPS Reports also enable us to produce research from the clinic. The automated appointment reminders are also most useful.

Why PPS?

The advantages of PPS to us are that it is a single system through which we can run almost every aspect of our clinic, from appointment booking to clinical notes, accounts and research. Other software systems we have looked at have not offered the facility to include the same level of detail or to make use of all the information in the same way, eg for letter templates and easily generated reports.

We are in regular contact with the support team for a range of things including access issues, software updates and general help and advice. In general, the support team are prompt in their replies and are helpful and receptive to feedback. One improvement we would like to see is extended support hours which would be advantageous for when we run our evening sessions as out of hours support currently only covers access issues.

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